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Most of the month of August I was in New York. So for this month's photos I combined the few days of August with the month of September's photos.

sept1 (96K) "Need Gas." I thought those words right there made a good statement about the month of August.

sept2 (80K) A view of the ships at the Hyde Street Pier taken from Larkin and Norhtpoint Streets. Alcatraz is in the background.

sept3 (88K)
An employee changes the markee at the historic Castro Theater.

sept4 (77K) A woman looks at an original stage coach on display at the Wells Fargo Bank on Montgomery Street.

sept5 (76K) A new mural on Powell Street in the North Beach district.

sept6 (85K) This was the scene at the intersection of Haight and Scott Streets on September 27. If I was shooting this for a newspaper I would have had to get all the information - who the person on the ground is and what happened. But since I am driving a taxi, with a customer in the cab, I shot the photo and drove on.

sept7 (76K) This is the view of downtown with the Victorian houses on Steiner Street in the foreground. The photo was shot from the intersection of Hayes and Pierce Streets.

sept8 (75K) The dog attracted me to this street scene.

sept9 (92K)
This is the view at night when looking south on Colombus Avenue at Vallejo Street. That's the TransAmerica Building in the center of the photo.

sept10 (71K) A scalper near SBC Park shows my customers SF Giants tickets.

sept11 (72K) Looking inside a restaurant window we can see the waiter (left) taking a woman's order as she brushes her hair to the side.

sept12 (80K) Two women light cigarettes outside a club.

sept13 (88K) A young girl shakes hands with the "silver man" on Fisherman's Wharf.

sept14 (72K) A young man skateboards on the steps of the Asian Art Museum on Larkin Street.

sept15 (87K) I don't understand how honking your horn is going to help hurricane relief. But this woman was out on the corner of Broadway and Colombus for hours on a Friday night.

sept16 (93K) A very simple shot of a horse and carriage in front of the original Fisherman's Wharf.

sept17 (98K) A man (right) in Chinatown holds up a sign and tells America to "wake up."

sept18 (91K) Looking east at the end of Market Street the ferry building is seen just before eight o'clock in the evening.

sept19 (91K) A man attempts to board a bus after it pulls away from its stop.

sept20 (51K)
This shot is not in focus. But I want to show everyone who is not from San Francisco what fog looks like. Many tourists think these are clouds. In this photo you can see the fog moving over Twin Peaks toward downtown.

sept21 (73K) A man riding a motorcycle (left) looks behind as he waits for the light to change at Stocton and Sutter Streets.

sept22 (87K)
A group of young men hang out on the corner of Broadway and Polk Streets on a Saturday night.

sept23 (84K) Watch out Wallace! You're about to hit those two pedestrians!

sept24 (75K) Male or female?

sept25 (87K) Two guys move a cabinet off a truck on Grant Street. The cool thing about this photo is that you can see the reflection of my taxi on the left mirror.

sept26 (101K)
Another view of the TransAmerican Building looking south on Colombus Avenue. But,this time, with a view of Francis Ford Coppola's building on the right.

sept27 (63K) The "F" Streetcar is filled with people going to the Green Day concert at SBC Park.

sept28 (103K) It's cool that in this day and age a new major bookstore opens in San Francisco.

sept29 (83K) A common scene in San Francisco. The police do a "ID check" on a homeless man.

sept30 (67K) A guy named Cosmos from New Jersey sat next to me in the cab and wanted me to take his photo.


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